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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Past Projects · 1950s Fruit Dress

When I saw this darling border print on clearance at Hancock's a few years ago, I knew it would make a great 50s style dress.  It ended up meeting my expectations and I was happy with it, but the outfit felt like it was missing something.   Last winter, I found this necklace at an antique mall, and it proved to be the perfect touch to complete the look!  The dress has gone from being just "one of my dresses" to being "my favorite dress" with the simple addition of a necklace.  That's rather a proof of confirmation on the Importance of Accessorizing, in my book! ;-)

I added a strip of coordinating fabric at the bottom, separated by a row of ric-rac.  The sleeves were inspired by a dress I saw, and are a nice change from my normal and a great way to feature more ric-rac. :-)
I used Simplicity 3706 as a base for the bodice.  Which essentially turned into using it for the collar and draping the rest of the bodice on myself. ;-)  The skirt is just a simple dirndl style.  
The small, contrasting green buttons were the perfect touch!


  1. Oh, I just love this dress!! The red ric-rac and green buttons are perfectly charming.


  2. So darling! I love the fanciful feel of 50's couture. You captured it for sure!


  3. I think what I love most about your projects is the attention to detail... Love the interesting touches of the ric-rac trim, coordinating green band, slit sleeves, and cute buttons! It shows a lot of creativity. Well done!

  4. Hello Lily
    I absolutely adore your dresses! You are so talented, not to mention great taste! Fruit one to cute!
    I was you where your dresses (not the historical ones) on a daily basis?
    I could imagine all the compliments you get, not to mention admiring stares!
    Always looking forward to seeing your sewing projects!

  5. Red ric-rac. Yes, please. ;)
    Love this dress, Lily!!

  6. Irene, Thanks so much! :-) Yes, I wear vintage-style clothes full time, and love it! :-)

  7. Border prints are great, aren't they?

  8. Ooooh my gawd, PUH-LEAZE open an Etsy shop! Your clothing is always so beautiful and well made, and the little details you add in are just lovely. I would so buy one of everything you wear on your blog!


    1. Thanks so much, Naomi! :-) I currently take custom orders at my etsy shop ( for just about anything! ;-) I've thrown around the idea of doing something a bit more organized, but haven't gotten around to it yet....!



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