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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

· Ironing Board Remodel ·

This is Part One in what I hope will become a series of  Sewing Room Remodel posts.  Plans are still in development for the rest of the room, but I am hopeful that I can keep sharing updates with you over the next several months. :-)

Ironing boards are one of those things that are easy to overlook.  Given the fact that we use our iron at least 2 hrs a day, our ironing board needs a permanent residence and is constantly on display.  Our board is quite a little trusty thing- going strong after almost 30 years, but sadly, Country Blue just isn't as appealing as it used to be.  The impetus to finally do something about it was the Ever Enlarging Hole that appeared on the cover.  Yes, that could easily be remedied by a trip to Wal-Mart, but who ever liked doing things the easy way??  A new cover was the perfect excuse to finally buy some fabric from the "Tailor Made" line that I've been coveting for 3 years. ;-)  Mom tackled the project; the board itself was spray-painted with a hammered bronze finish and she had the whole project completed in less than 24 hours!  I love it so much! :-)  

Now we just have to figure out the plan for the rest of the room. ;-) 

Before - Country Blue with Ugly Rubber Feet, Complete with Rust Spots and Useless Attached Bag!
The Offender.  In case you ever wondered- scissors have a knack for finding small holes and ever-so-helpfully making them larger.
After - So Much Better!
The fabric is intersecting dressforms- so cute! :-)

· Obviously Amateur Photos Courtesy of Yours Truly ·


  1. Very nice! I need to remember that it's possible to recover an ironing board next time I see an old, half run down one at a garage sale.

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Love it! I'll be getting some inspiration from these posts, no doubt. My sewing room is currently a hunter's paradise with wallpaper border featuring duck decoys, antler racks, snowshoes, and other paraphernalia of a hobby I know nothing about. :) It will be redecorated one of these days, but the family bedrooms come first...
    Did your mom do anything to prime before spray-painting or just go at it? It certainly makes the board look more up-to-date. :)

  3. Laura, She didn't do anything to prime it beforehand, but it did require a few coats. That blue just doesn't want to be covered up! ;-) LOL! Your sewing room does sound like it's in need of a few feminine touchs! ;-)

  4. Awww, so cute! I love that hammered bronze spray paint - we used it to give our hunter green patio furniture a face lift and it's sooo much better looking! So happy you got to get your coveted fabric at last. ;-)

    And I'm ever so grateful for you clarifying that I didn't take those pictures. *winks*

  5. So much better!! And I adore that fabric!!



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