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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

· A Practically Vintage Plaid Skirt ·

Several months ago, I posted about some fabric I found on our first-ever estate sale trip.  I'm pleased to report that I have indeed finally done justice to it!

The fabric originally came with some magazine clippings that were very inspiring, but it soon became apparent that the quantity of fabric was so limited that I would need to use very judicious cutting to even manage a skirt from it!

I had a few different options for the skirt style, but I wanted to be certain that whatever I chose would do justice to the fabric and be something I'd love. :-)  It was so fortunate that one of my tried-and-true skirt patterns fit perfectly!

To add interest to the skirt, I made decorative welt pockets.  Whew.  That single element was more work and stress than the rest of the skirt combined, but considering how simple the rest was- I think I could manage a bit of extra mind work. ;-)

My cute little brooch from Switzerland!  My mom has had a similar one for years, so when we went to Switzerland I knew a brooch like this would be on the top of my souvenir list!  One of the charms is inscribed with the town of Murren, which is where I purchased it.

My shoes are from Amerimark- an "old lady" store with a remarkably large amount of classic styles at affordable prices!  This style is almost sold out, but a few sizes are still remaining!

One thing is for sure though- I have no previous experience with stiletto heels!  I haven't quite reached the appropriate level of gracefulness yet. ;-) 

At an estate sale this past fall, we found a treasure trove of old metal zippers from the 1940s- this was one of them.  I never realized how wonderfully thin and garment-appropriate metal zippers used to be!  I always thought of them like the chunky versions for sale today, but these have a very low profile (less obtrusive than modern plastic "regular" zippers) and are so smooth!  I'm a fan. ;-)

This hat is among our collection of "rarely worn" hats.  Its demure little bow is charming, but not quite my usual, and the overall shape works much better now that I have shorter hair!  Time will tell whether it becomes a new favorite or whether this was just a good opportunity to give it a bit of love. ;-) 

Matchy, matchy!  This fabric was so obliging and willingly submitted to matching the plaid on the *first* time.
I'm enamored.

· Photos, as always, by the wonderful Kathryn! ·

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

· A Fern Green Skirt ·

In an amusing twist of fate, I'm posting a very St. Patrick's appropriate outfit, and it's even on the appropriate week!  Totally unplanned. :-)

Anyway, on to the outfit!  I've been a huge fan of pink and green for about a decade now, and early on I reached a point where I continually reverted to them whenever I'd be getting new clothes.  After a few years, I decided to make a conscious decision to branch out into other colors to see if I had other favorites.

Well, I do have lots of favorites now, but these particular shades of fern and coral are still the reigning favorites!  And what better place to showcase them than in the Fern Room of a conservatory?

This fabric was an impulse purchase from JoAnn's- I had never seen it before (or since), but since it was a unique twill AND in my favorite color.... I had to do it.

The fabric is 100% cotton with a satin-weave and woven dots.  I love how unique it is!  And apparently it wrinkles quite well, too.  You're seeing this outfit in a completely natural setting- I usually try to keep my outfits to the same standards I have on a day-to-day basis... but I also usually have them freshly ironed for photos. ;-)

This outfit has just been through a day's worth of city-traipsing, donut-eating, humid-conservatory-wandering (if my hair looks like it's drooping in some of these photos.... now you know), and a little bit of toddler-wrangling (not pictured: said toddler or the berry stains he bestowed upon my blouse moments before these photos).  It's a great season of life; it's been full of lots of new experiences, and this has proven to be a practical outfit at any rate!

The skirt is made from a vintage pattern- McCalls 3404 but altered to be a normal waistband instead of a raised waist with suspenders.  I love the style and the pockets are perfection!

I wanted to add a bit of interest to an otherwise rather plain skirt, so I chose to do 3 rows of decorative top-stitching along the pockets, hem, and waistband.

If you noticed a difference in my hair- that's because I recently got a new cut!  This time I went with a chin-length bob and I'm the happiest I've been so far!

My blouse is made from Simplicity 2154; I posted about it in more detail here.  The sweater is one I altered this year using this method.

A great perk of making a green skirt is that I finally have the perfect excuse to wear this vintage hat!  It's been sitting around for years just waiting for me to love it... and now it can finally get its time in the limelight. :-)

· Photos by Kathryn ·

Skirt · self-made from vintage McCalls 3404
Blouse · self-made from vintage repro Simplicity 2154
Cardigan ·Kohl's, altered by me
Hat · can't remember, but I think it was from the school play costumes sale we went to in 2009 where we got our first batch of vintage hats!
Shoes · Clarks

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Superfluity of Strawberries!

With some wonderful spring-like weather this past week, my thoughts have been turning towards cottons and warm-weather clothes!

While I was browsing Penny Rose Fabric to look for inspiration for a new project, I was struck by the number of different strawberry prints they offer and I got totally inspired to wander down the rabbit trail to look for vintage strawberry-themed clothing!

Here's a mini Vintage Strawberry Fashion Guide and a glimpse of what I found! :-)  Enjoy the inspiration!

source · source unknown · expired eBay auction · source unknown

Hollywood Pattern 1152 · Simplicity 3265 · Simplicity 3987 · Simplicity 4953
(don't miss that first pattern! personal favorite!!)

Penny Rose "Shabby Strawberry" fabric line

Penny Rose "Milk, Sugar, Flower" fabric line

Penny Rose "Shabby Strawberry" fabric line

Penny Rose "Strawberry Biscuit" fabric line

Penny Rose "Shabby Strawberry" fabric line

Check out more of my finds on my Pinterest board, and stay tuned for my strawberry dress later this year!  Are you inspired to do make something berry-themed now, too?? ;-)

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