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Saturday, October 26, 2013

· Kathryn's Mint Green Dress ·

As you are no doubt aware from reading this blog, I am very, very fortunate to have such a talented friend as Kathryn!  She has encouraged me to finally get the nerve up and get around to starting a blog, and taken on the responsibility of being my Official Photographer, Webmaster, General Source of Computer Know-How, Encourager Extraordinaire, and Hand Holder.  In exchange, I make her clothes. :-)  She professes to be pleased with the arrangement (which I am thankful for!)- but really, I got the best end of the deal.  The first project I've done for her was a dress for our trip to Williamsburg this spring.

Kathryn didn't already have any 1770s clothing, so she decided on a simple linen gown with ruched trimmings.  It is made in the English style with a fitted back, and is made as a round gown.  She picked out this mint-green linen/cotton fabric.  I used the J.P. Ryan pattern, and as always- was very happy with it! :-)
Hand-hemmed trim around the neckline and sleeves- I love how the trim looks like delicate lettuce! :-)  The removable linen sleeve ruffles are attached with basting stitches, and her shift sleeve is also peeking out.  The dress closes down the center front with pins, which is hidden by the trimming.
The back En Forreau pleats are stitched down by hand.  I just love this part of a Robe a l'Anglaise!
· Pictures by Tara ·


  1. YOU. ARE. THE. BEST. I looooove my dress. I just need to go back to Williamsburg with you again and wear it some more!! The back is my favorite part too... and the sleeve ruffles. I'm such a girl. :-)

  2. How pretty! What a lovely shade of green. And I love the back pleats on an en forreau gown, too!

  3. I just finished a plaid polonaise for my mom using the J.P. Ryan yesterday!! :) Mint green is my favorite color!


  4. That is SUCH a beautiful dress!! I happened upon Kathryn's blog, then Tara's, and now yours and I love them all!! I can't wait to start sewing regency clothes - I love the old movies. Check out my blog at

  5. Such a cute dress and the photos on your blog are stunning!

  6. Beautiful dress and photos. Is she wearing a bum roll or hip pads of any kind under? Where did you get the fabric? I'm asking all these questions as making this gown is one of my upcoming projects.



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