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Friday, September 15, 2017

· Basic Doesn't Have to Mean Boring ·

I've needed to expand the portion of my wardrobe devoted to basic blouses, but let's face it- white blouses get pushed to the back of the list when there are things like novelty prints to dive into!  I devoted a weekend to making a couple blouses and wouldn't you know- they are the most used items in my work wardrobe. Imagine that. ;-)

I had made a wearable mock-up of this pattern before and I was eager to whip up another version!  In order to keep this blouse from getting too boring, I used a nice vintage fabric with a woven stripe design.

Despite not being the *most* boring blouse of all time, there's still a limit to how much I can say about it.... so this will mainly be photos!

Side zipper! Not much else to say, haha!

I love the way the stripes echo the twist feature on this neckline!  The pattern is a vintage McCalls 3577 which was given to me by a former neighbor. The pattern came along with the pattern I used for my flamingo dress and Indian muslin dress- this woman's mother had excellent taste! (and even better- was my size!)

You might remember this skirt from my post last year- since remaking it into from its original state, it's seen a new lease on life!  I'm so glad I found a way to give this print the appreciation it deserves. :-)

While the blouse might live up to the title of this post, I'm not sure this post did.... but thanks for stopping by anyway! ;-)

· photos by the wonderful Kathryn! ·

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