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Thursday, April 28, 2016

· Chicago Cultural Center ·

I have a bit of an unusual post today- all of the elements of this outfit have been posted about previously, but I just wanted an excuse to take photos in this building! ;-)

Living in Chicago means easy access to fabulous photo locations- no need to settle for the standby driveway shots!  I tend to do my blog photos in batches, so for this day we were hauling around all the paraphernalia for this outfit, my 1930s rayon dress, and my late 1930s cotton dress.  The Chicago Cultural Center was conveniently located, has nice, clean, big restrooms for changing outfits, and.... is stunningly beautiful and worthy of a photoshoot in its own right. ;-)

I knew I really, *really* wanted to take photos here, but I also felt like it could stand to be the feature rather than my clothing, so I let the outfit take the backseat on this one.  The skirt you've seen here, and if you've been a long-time reader you might remember this blouse.  The cardigan is yet another example of my knitwear altering obsession

The hat is new, however!  It came to us in a collection from a member of a small historical society in Iowa.  She noticed my family while they were in Des Moines for a conference and wondered if we would be interested in some vintage hats. (ha! would we?? you bet!)  Her historical society was too small and overflowing to be able to display or store all the hats they had collected so she ended up mailing them to us!

There were so many fun hats in the mix and most of them were florals, which our own collection is surprisingly lacking.  This hat is one of my very favorites and I love how it just happened to perfectly match my new skirt. :-)

Estate sale necklace!  Our jewelry collection has exploded since frequenting estate sales so now we're desperately trying to keep up with storage options!

I know.  I think it's a great problem to have, too. ;-)

The Cultural Center was constructed in 1897 as the city's first central library and the main entrance and staircase still bear witness to that in the mosaic tributes to classic authors.

The Cultural Center is a truly stunning building (and free!) just across from Millenium Park and it's even more beautiful in person.  The mosaics glitter in the light and the magnificently stunning Tiffany dome (not pictured in this post) is breathtaking.  Sigh.  Love it!!

· Photos by Kathryn! ·


  1. What an incredibly gorgeous place!!! It must have been a blast touring (and twirling) around in there! ;)
    I love your outfit too! Even though all of the pieces have been blogged, they looked totally different and new when paired together. That blouse is the cutest! :) And that amazing hat tops it all off perfectly. Just beautiful!

  2. I love the Chicago Cultural Center! These photos are gorgeous, and definitely do it justice.

  3. Okay, I have to admit, I spent most of my time looking at the architecture..... I think that building is just amazing. All the little details!


  4. These are stunning photos- what a beautiful building. I can see why you wanted to do some pictures there!
    The Artyologist

  5. Gorgeous outfit! Gorgeous photos! And gorgeous building! Swoon!

  6. This is an amazing location! Love all the light tones and lighting and of course the details! You actually chose a perfect outfit to compliment the unique qualities of the setting! I love the bold and distinct tones of your outfit. Thanks for sharing these pictures! And oh yes- antique jewelry...the best! What's interesting is that we ALWAYS get compliments on our antique jewelry! (and rarely on any other jewelry we wear!) So fun to find treasures like that.

  7. Elegantly beautiful photos and outfit (that's awesome how you acquired your new chapeau). What a breathtaking location. So often such buildings prohibit public photo shoots. It's marvelous that you guys were able to take some (stunning!) shots there.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Draw dropping gorgeous building and photos! Wow do I need to visit Chicago! The colors of your ensemble are beautifully harmonious and I especially like your lovely hat :)

  9. I simply adore how your ensemble coordinates with this stunning architecture Lilly, and the photography is superb! The captures are delightful, with such an eye for lighting, colour, and composition ~ these pictures really are works of art. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  10. Thank you all so much for your comments! I love reading each one! <3



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