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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

· Perfectly Autumnal Mexican Skirt ·

A month ago now, I was able to get together with Kathryn to finally grab some shots of my fabulous vintage skirt I found this past spring, and we had a splendid location for them!  I absolutely adore it when we can get photos like this of outfits that so perfectly mirror their surroundings!  The coordination was totally unplanned, but the photos turned out better than I ever hoped for. :-)

Ever since starting our estate sale habit this past spring, we've been adding to our collection of old odds and ends around the house- most frequently jewelry, it seems!  Clothing tends to be few and far between, and I'm in a place right now where I'm perfectly happy making my own clothes so I don't feel the need to be a truly aggressive shopper.

All that being said, we have been able to add a few things to our wardrobes, and this fabulous skirt is one of them. :-)

It's a hand-painted mexican circle skirt!!  To be honest, this was never a "holy grail" item for me- in fact, I'm not entirely sure I knew they were a thing.  However, I adore this skirt.  I was planning on making a summer-y blouse to go with it, but that just never panned out this year... I think the color scheme transitions quite nicely to fall though!

The skirt was in impeccable condition; the painting is done in metallics and gives the skirt a nice stiffness that makes it feel almost formal.

An added bonus to the skirt is that it's exactly my size!  I'm not as small as the usual offerings we come across, so I was fully prepared to alter the skirt to fit but it's nice to not need to. ;-)

As a side note, I actually ended up getting a black crinoline a few weeks after these photos, and it's both fuller and more color-approriate-when-glimpsed than this one and thus more suited to a photoshoot....  Ah well, can't win them all. ;-)

Oh, and can I just say YAY! for the weather being non-humid and cold enough that I feel like wearing my hair down!!  I enjoyed the break from setting it every night over the summer, but I'll be honest... I was actually missing the process by Sept.  That surprised me, but hey, I'll take it!

After my (mis)adventures with a middy cut last year, I decided to play it straight this year (no pun intended. No really, it's not intended...) and get a plain bob with just a little bit of layering.  So far I think it's a vast improvement, but I'm still open to a little more tweaking... ;-)

I paired it with my stand-by, why-in-the-world-didn't-I-make-this-years-ago blouse and a sweater I got from Kohl's last year and altered for a more vintage-appropriate fit. (but hooray for that vintage-esque beading!)

Thanks for visiting!

· Photos by Kathryn ·


  1. I always squeal with happiness when I see a new post from you! :)
    This outfit is SO lovely! The colors are gorgeous on you, and I love how the whole outfit looks fancy yet has a casual and fun flair. How fun to find a skirt like this!!!
    Gorgeous outfit, and I love your hair as well! I'll have to keep that cut in mind.
    Merry Christmas, Lily! :)

  2. This is such a pretty skirt Lily, and it looks positively splendid on you!


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. What fun at finding things. I think I would get myself into so much trouble estate sale shopping.

    1. Heehee! They can definitely be a dangerous place to go! ;-)

  4. This outfit and photo shoot is totally gorgeous! That's such a good vintage find.

  5. Your ensemble truly does match your surroundings perfectly! Lovely outfit and skirt as always:)

  6. Lovely outfit! Lovely photo! Lovely model! It looks great! :)

  7. DREAMY. That's all I can say. dreamy.


  8. A lovely outfit as always and I also like the location of your photoshoot with all the flowers and grasses in the background.


    1. Thanks Rebecca! I was so pleased that the setting ended up echoing the skirt so well! Completely unplanned. :-)

  9. Gorgeous outfit! I love your style so much! Absolute perfection!

  10. What a beautiful ensemble! I too tend to style my vintage novelty print (to date I don't have any Mexican skirts, but they're a wishlist item of mine for sure) in a more classic (aka, less 21st century pinup) way, as I feel it personally suits me a lot better and adore that you took this skirt in that sort of direction here.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Oh how adorable is your skirt and the whole ensemble to be honest!! I actually love your green crinoline under the skirt as the skirt has green on it! So very wonderful and it does go so well with autumnal colors!

    1. Thanks, Gina! I was surprised that the green doesn't completely clash! Although when I wear this skirt with my mustard sweater.... it's much better to go with the black crinoline. :-P ;-)

  12. I absolutely adore this ensemble! You look gorgeous, as always!

  13. Love the textures and patterns in this outfit Lily; the visual detail with the black is so pretty! And that circle skirt is an absolute gem of a find! How pretty ~ ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  14. Thank you all so much for your sweet words! :-)



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