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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

· Regency Sari Overdress ·

I talked about the construction of my dress and overgown before, but the Regency Christmas Ball we recently attended provided the perfect opportunity for some nice photos. :-)

This overdress was made from the leftover scraps of an antique sari- I absolutely love all the detail that went into this embroidery!!  It has copper thread interspersed throughout, adding depth and just a hint of glimmer. :-)

I'm quite pleased with the result, and it's fun to have a Regency outfit that is very a-typical. :-)  It's also a great way to add variety and interest to my white dress!  I like the dress, but change is a nice thing too. ;-)

Wearing rag curlers all day while traveling might not have been the most glamorous option, but having curls that were impervious to dancing was well worth it! ;-)

I was so excited to finally embellish my turban with wheat!  Ever since seeing this fashion plate, I knew I needed to try this out sometime. :-)
And I'm realizing that I needed to do a little more primping to the wheat next time- I always forget that while I'm sitting in the van it is getting squashed by the roof. :-P  Ah well.  Just imagine it in its pre-travel state- it looked remarkably like the fashion plate. ;-)

A bit of a funny story that I didn't share the first time- I was basing the overdress off a fashion plate that I had a poster of, but no details.  I wanted to share the original source on the blog with the fashion plate company name, year, etc., but had no way to start looking!

I tried looking for "Regency Overdress Fashion Plate".  No luck.  "Asymmetrical"?  No better.  "Green"? "Overgown"? "Turban"?  Nothing was helping.  I couldn't think of any technical terms to describe it, but then again- there wasn't any guarantee that the person linking to the image had any more of a technical knowledge than I did!

In frustration, I told Mom, "I'd probably be better off just searching for something like "Regency Drapey Bits"!!

Well, guess what?  That's all it took.  There, waiting near the top of my search was the fashion plate.

I have now officially given up on technical search terms.

The culprit- La Belle Assemblee, April 1811
Regency Drapey Bits

It's so easy to see the Grecian influences of the time period in this style!

The Warner Theater, although technically around 125 years too late for this outfit, was still a stunning location!  I'm looking forward to giving this outfit another outing this weekend!

· Photos by Kathryn ·


  1. Lovely as always!
    That is too funny about the "Regency Drapey Bits".
    Wow, that theater really is the perfect backdrop. The colors go so well with your attire. :)

  2. So lovely!! The whole ensemble is perfect and elegant!! Great job!
    We just replaced our van with a little car, so I can't imagine what the condition of my wheat would be!! ;)

  3. You look lovely! It's so easy to fall back on the "typical" Regency shapes, so this is an extra-neat outfit :)

    1. Thank you! And thanks for the comment- I love hearing from my readers. :-) I just checked out your blog, and I'm looking forward to following it- your work is excellent!

  4. Regency drapey bits, LOL! That's too funny. I love the overdress; so pretty, plus like you said, it's not something you see much with Regency. Hurray for mixing it up!

  5. The whole ensemble is lovely Lily! And the wheat, however squashed is the perfect touch. I alway seem to forget to add the small little details like that... but they add SO much to the outfit!

    Happy New Year!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  6. Oh!!! I am so in love with this dress and over dress!!! You look stunning! The lighting, the dress, your hair...perfection! My favorite thing though is the wheat in your turban! That makes my heart so happy!

  7. :gasps!: IT'S SO PRETTY!!! I love it when people use the wonderfully embellished sari fabrics for Regency dresses!

  8. This is gorgeous! I love the elegance and unique lines of this!


  9. I absolutely love your "drapey bits" style! It's very unusual.

  10. I love this dress and love your hat! It's so great to see it with the original 1811 picture! Looks so spot on, it's amazing! <3

  11. Question about the turban since I now must have one! Did you simply roll up the fabric on this or did you use some sort of stuffing in the tubes? :~}

    1. Mary, no stuffing! This is truly just a shawl that I wrapped on my head, no stitching involved. :-)

  12. Thanks so much - I did mine the hard way!!! Still like yours better...



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