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Saturday, December 20, 2014

· Miss L Fire Shoes for Sale! ·

· Edited to add- These shoes are no longer available, thanks for all the interest! ·

Back when I got my Miss L Fire shoes, there was a mix-up with the sizing and I ended up getting a pair a size too large! :-(

Anyway, not all stories have to end poorly- so my loss can be your gain!

Before I even had the chance to wear them out of the house, it was clear they wouldn't fit.  I ended up getting another pair the correct size, but that means that I now have an extra pair.  I am going to list them on eBay in a month, but I wanted to offer them to all of you first, so you can get a better deal by skipping any bidding wars. :-)

Here are the details:

Miss L Fire shoes- "Mildred"
European size 39 (US size 8.5-9)
Worn only once, no damage (The only time they were worn were for taking these pictures.  I walked indoors for 2 minutes before realizing they were just too large)
Comes with all original packaging- box, cute tissue paper, and travel bag!

Sold out!
Shipping cost TBD (whatever it costs to ship to you! I'm happy to do international shipping as well)

To clarify once again, the shoes I'm selling are these pictured, NOT the pair I have been wearing all fall! :-)  The shoes for sale are NEW.

I'll be listing these on eBay in a month, so let me know ASAP if you're interested!  I have been so very pleased with my other pair- they are wonderful shoes!

To contact me, please leave a comment with your email address- I moderate all comments before publishing, so I'll contact you through that and delete your comment instead of publishing.  Your email address will stay private.


  1. If only these were a size seven!

  2. Unfortunately I wear an 11, so these aren't an option, but I was wondering if Miss L Fire shoes run large? Maybe I could get by with a 10....*wish wish*
    :) Thanks, Lily!!

  3. That's a killer deal! Too big for me, though :-(

  4. Oh, that's my size! I so wish I had the extra spending money, I'd take you up on them in a heartbeat!

  5. You tempt me. ;) But I'm a 8 to 8.5 in shoes, so I'm going to guess they'd be a bit to large for my feet.



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