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Monday, April 30, 2018

· April Showers ·

For our trip to Europe a few years ago, I knew I'd need a lightweight water-resistant coat.  I toyed with the idea of making my own, but the fabric I found online ended up being totally not what I expected- either in color or content!  I ditched that idea and turned to Etsy- I ended up finding this coat which is maybe not my first idea but it's turned into an essential part of my outerwear wardrobe!

It's a London Fog trench coat (from maybe the 1970s?) with classic styling that helps keep it timeless!

This April was unseasonably cold for us and we actually had more *snow* showers than rain showers, so I got more use from my wool coats than this one! Now that it's the last day of the month, we are finally settled into glorious spring weather and my! does it ever feel glorious!

What do you do for water-resistant outerwear?  I'm always up for recommendations for another coat- maybe next time with less structured, military styling and with a hood!

· Photos by Kathryn Grace Photography ·


  1. This is SUPER cute and classy!!! Coats are one of those things that I never want to splurge on but they are so necessary! Gorgeous pictures!! :)

  2. I used to have a coat in this design in grey. It kept me dry for many years!

  3. You can't go wrong with a classic trench, and I love how colorful this one is! I can see why it's a staple in your wardrobe - I feel like I'd wear this with anything and everything.
    The jacket that I wear the most often is an army green anorak with enormous pockets. It's perfect for a breezy, rainy day, although you're making me want to find something a bit more cheerful looking.

  4. Your photos are always so lovely! "Right out of a movie" worthy!

    I wish I had a water-resistant coat that would go with my vintage. I have winter coats, but nothing for the transition of seasons when the rain shows up out of nowhere! That's probably something I should invest in.

    Thanks for sharing this! The red makes it so classic! I love it!
    ~ Megan Joy

  5. Absolutely gorgeous coat! The photos are beautiful and you look amazing. You must have had fun doing this. :-)

  6. Red is so good on you! ❤ I've got an idea for a hooded caplet made from that printed clear vinyl floating around in my head. Kind of a kitschy 60s vibe is my thought...

  7. Oh my god I am so utterly in love with this trench!!




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