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Thursday, March 23, 2017

· Lindy Hop Vibes ·

Do you have any outfits that will predictably garner the same comments/compliments each time you wear them?  Every time I wear this outfit, without fail, I'll receive some form of "do you dance Lindy Hop?".  It cracks me up how predictable the response is, and I find it fascinating in a way.  Of course, this is veering more into the "teenybopper, soda fountain" style of 1950s than I usually tend towards, so I suppose that makes enough of a difference!

I'm pleased to report that within the last few months, I've finally learned the basics of Lindy Hop though!  Now I don't have to feel like such a lame person when people ask.  Because really- if you're going to dress like this all the time, you really *should* know some moves, right?? ;-)

This outfit is so simple that it's practically boring!  My apologies in advance that my "sewing" blog is so lame.  We'll just categorize this one under "vintage style" instead. ;-)  The skirt is made from one of my favorite fabric lines from Denise Schmidt ever.  It's so vintage-y, what with its printed bias plaid, that I couldn't resist the chance to pick some up on clearance.  It was unfortunately one of those annoying JoAnns "clearance" experiences where the marked down price is more than half the original price, so there's no more savings than if I had purchased at the regular price and used a coupon. (grrrr, I'm really not fond of that new habit of theirs!)  However, I was desperate since I knew I'd regret it if I never purchased any and I picked up just enough for a full dirndl skirt.  I figured it would be a nice basic skirt for my tops and sweaters and I was right!  It's just the right shade to work with several different things in my wardrobe. :-)

I wasn't quite sure how to make it a bit more exciting.... and I really never did figure it out!  So plain and simple it is, and I focused all my extra energy on matching the plaid everywhere.  Because having a simple AND quick project is against my principles. ;-)

The belt came from my all-time favorite source: a local thrift store that sells them for 10¢!  I never really know what I'm looking for in a belt while I'm there but at that price I can just buy lots and see what ends up working with my wardrobe!

(side note- no clue what my foot is doing there, haha!)

My trusty beret finishes off the look- this silly little purchase has inspired so many compliments and I'm constantly amused by that!  I purchased it from Wal-Mart of all places, for $2.  And I wear it All. The. Time.  Of all the amazing vintage hats I have to choose from, this silly little modern beret gets the most mileage of any! :-P

The zipper/pocket combo is hidden in a pleat in the side seam.  After trying on three different skirts, I *finally* figured out my favorite way to assemble this combo! :-)

And as a final nail in the lame seamstress outfit... a store-bought knit top!  Well over a year ago I was seized by a need for some Breton stripe knit tops.  I'm not sure exactly why, but I went with it.  Fortuitously enough, they were in style at that moment and easily available at Target!  I knew I wanted the typical white with black stripes, but this blue/navy combo, the mint/white stripe, and the pink/navy stripe were so tempting!  I solved the dilemma by giving my sister the mint and pink (you know, for convenient "sharing"... ;-)) and keeping the blue and white shirts.  The blue, funnily enough, has become the most loved color!

Heehee!  The thing about (amazing! awesome!) local theaters is that you never can control what they might be billing on the marquee. ;-)  Maybe not my typical choice of offering.... but when you take photos in Oct, I guess you really can't expect much different. ;-)

· photos by Kathryn ·


  1. This outfit is too cute!!! Don't go apologizing for it!! It is gorgeous, and honestly I love that you DID buy a store-bought top to go with it. It sort of proves that we vintage seamstresses ARE allowed to go and break the unwritten rules now and then. ;) And aside from that, it is the perfect match for this beautiful skirt! Ahh, one of those famous plaids. Heavenly!! <3

  2. This is a simple but really striking outfit, Lily! And I adore your plaid skirt...

  3. Adorable and beautiful, as usual! <3

  4. What you call a "lame seamstress outfit" I call "actually attainable" to us lesser mortals who don't have your insane sewing skills. 😉 Super cute!

  5. Your outfits always look great - and this one is no exception!

  6. Such a cute outfit! I'd love to know your zipper/pocket combo assembly method. I'm still trying to figure it out.

  7. Such a chic outfit. I enjoy seeing more casual day looks just as much as fancy ones x

  8. I love this outfit. The shoes are fantastic. Have fun doing the Lindy Hop.

  9. I like the outfit as is. But that is my bias towards the simple. ;)

    I love swing dancing, so I think that it is funny that you are always asked about it. :)


  10. Just fabulous! I love all your projects and am inspired by the outfits and accessorizing you do. Your personality shines through beautifully!

  11. Thank you, all! Your comments always brighten my day- and 4 months later when I read them again!! :-)



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