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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Beaded Cashmere · The Joy of Vintage

I've already shared this amazing Mexican painted skirt on the blog before, but I wanted to take the opportunity to finally feature my lovely vintage beaded cashmere cardigan!  I received this as a gift a couple years ago, and I was delighted that it was in pristine condition- never worn!  I soon found out why- one of the sleeve linings was sewn in upside down.  I know, right- how did that pass QC?? Needless to say, it's obvious why no one ever wore it since it was impossible to get on, but thankfully I happen to have plenty of needles and thread so it was a quick fix. :-)

It's so fun to see how my real-vintage wardrobe has blossomed since I started this blog!  I was shocked to remember that 3 years ago I only had one genuine vintage garment- since then I've amassed quite a few, now here I am posting an outfit with not a single piece that I've created.  I really do love the connection to the past that I feel whenever I wear something vintage, but I still love the creative process of making my own clothing. Not to mention the fact that vintage in my price range usually requires enough TLC that the time invested would take you halfway through making something from scratch! ;-)

While I haven't made any terribly startling changes, I've found that owning vintage clothing has also given me a boost towards more era-appropriate creations as well.  In a way, it is a reminder to get my me-made wardrobe up to "par" (but in the best sort of motivational way!) and it's been fascinating and fun to see how differently I will approach the design and construction processes now.  And it will be fun to see where I am and what inspires me 3 years from now- who knows! :-)

While I've made-do quite a bit with altering modern knitwear to suit my style, there's something special about the extra detailing involved in older pieces.  I know they're much more likely stand up to lots of wear since they've already survived decades!

Also, I love how cost-cutting didn't seem to be quite as paramount in the design process on most vintage pieces- why, the beading even continues around the back!  Wool sweaters are always lined!

And a wee detail for the sleeve!  I do so admire a little attention to detail. :-)

The beading on this is so thick and the stamens are even tiny little tassels! Also, I adore how it's such an appropriate sweater for me- the flowers are lilies! :-)

Kathryn was such a dear and let me borrow her darling Miss L Fire "Gabrielle"s for this photoshoot.
Perks of being the same shoe size as friends! ;-)

Eeeep!  Mustard shoes. With studs. And bows.  How much more perfect can you get???

(answer: not very.)

· Photos by Kathryn ·

How about you- do you own much vintage?  Has it made a difference in your creative process?


  1. What a wonderful cardigan! I love the decoration and it is so appropriate that the flowers are lilies!

  2. Mustard is one of my all time favorite colors, I really need to add more of it to my vintage and everyday wardrobe! That sweater is absolutely darling, what an awesome gift! And the beading is divine, a perfect match with those shoes as well.

  3. I don't own any vintage garments, but I do have a small collection of vintage hats and accessories. I can imagine that owning vintage garments would change the way that you create "replicas" (in a loose sense) of those older eras.


  4. Oh what a beautiful sweater! I am still slowly building my vintage wardrobe, it's a fun process though.

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

  5. What a gorgeous sweater! And so perfect for you, indeed!


  6. Lovely! I need to work on building my vintage wardrobe too!

  7. I have a good mix of more modern thrifted pieces, vintage pieces, and me made pieces. Definitely more of the first, than the latter two. But, I'm slowly accumulating more vintage pieces, and slowly working on sewing my own pieces that I couldn't otherwise afford as vintage. It's a slow process, but it is also rewarding! It is the best feeling to thrift some true vintage or find a vintage bargain. I love than sweater by the way! Beaded sweaters are such a 50s classic!

  8. Oh my goodness I love that outfit! You look delightful in it too! Having some serious envy right now, haha. I have a few vintage hats and accessories, but no actual clothing pieces. I do have some modern clothing pieces that are vintage inspired and working on sewing a few. So enjoyed seeing the pictures, truly inspiring :)

  9. I love that outfit. Those mustard shoes bring back memories. I had a little heel shoe that color when I was younger. The cardigan and hat are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog. It os always informative and entertaining. I have some clothes that I wore and still wear from many years ago.

  10. I can't tell how much in love I am with that skirt! Oh my, it's amazing and it looks fabulous on you!

  11. That sweater is beautiful- and I agree that vintage garments have so much more detail. I love how the beading goes across the back too. The yellow colour is really beautiful too.
    Most of the vintage pieces that I own are accessories rather than garments, as there is not much for vintage clothes where I live. Most of my "vintage" garments are actually pieces I sewed or have thrifted and altered to be more vintage in style.
    The Artyologist

  12. I am absolutely swooning over this skirt!!! Also that sweater is fabulous!

    And I too have those Miss L Fires! Twinsies!




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