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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

· A Practically Vintage Plaid Skirt ·

Several months ago, I posted about some fabric I found on our first-ever estate sale trip.  I'm pleased to report that I have indeed finally done justice to it!

The fabric originally came with some magazine clippings that were very inspiring, but it soon became apparent that the quantity of fabric was so limited that I would need to use very judicious cutting to even manage a skirt from it!

I had a few different options for the skirt style, but I wanted to be certain that whatever I chose would do justice to the fabric and be something I'd love. :-)  It was so fortunate that one of my tried-and-true skirt patterns fit perfectly!

To add interest to the skirt, I made decorative welt pockets.  Whew.  That single element was more work and stress than the rest of the skirt combined, but considering how simple the rest was- I think I could manage a bit of extra mind work. ;-)

My cute little brooch from Switzerland!  My mom has had a similar one for years, so when we went to Switzerland I knew a brooch like this would be on the top of my souvenir list!  One of the charms is inscribed with the town of Murren, which is where I purchased it.

My shoes are from Amerimark- an "old lady" store with a remarkably large amount of classic styles at affordable prices!  This style is almost sold out, but a few sizes are still remaining!

One thing is for sure though- I have no previous experience with stiletto heels!  I haven't quite reached the appropriate level of gracefulness yet. ;-) 

At an estate sale this past fall, we found a treasure trove of old metal zippers from the 1940s- this was one of them.  I never realized how wonderfully thin and garment-appropriate metal zippers used to be!  I always thought of them like the chunky versions for sale today, but these have a very low profile (less obtrusive than modern plastic "regular" zippers) and are so smooth!  I'm a fan. ;-)

This hat is among our collection of "rarely worn" hats.  Its demure little bow is charming, but not quite my usual, and the overall shape works much better now that I have shorter hair!  Time will tell whether it becomes a new favorite or whether this was just a good opportunity to give it a bit of love. ;-) 

Matchy, matchy!  This fabric was so obliging and willingly submitted to matching the plaid on the *first* time.
I'm enamored.

· Photos, as always, by the wonderful Kathryn! ·


  1. I just died. Lily, this is just about the most gorgeous outfit I've ever seen!!! The colors are absolutely intoxicating, and you definitely paired this skirt with the perfect accessories.
    What a perfect job matching the plaid!! You couldn't have picked a better pattern for this fabric, and the welt pockets are the *perfect* accent.
    Absolutely, positively beautiful, head to toe!! :) You're such a gorgeous lady. Thanks for sharing, Lily!! Have a lovely rest of the week!

  2. Oh so lovely, Lily! Your plaid matching (and color matching in your outfit, for that matter) is impeccable!


  3. Just beautiful!


  4. I love this color combination Lily! And your plaid matching is quite enviable... :)


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  5. Plaid! Love it! And thanks for sharing the shoe source - I have a bit of a Shoe Thing but can only really afford Payless prices, haha. They have a surprising amount of cute shoes on that site!

  6. Such beautiful pattern matching! Great colors and wonderful photographs, the hard work paid off for those lovely pockets!

  7. Gorgeous outfit! I'm so glad you were able to make this skirt from your find! The colors on it are amazing!

  8. This is a gorgeous skirt, I love the colour. The pockets look great on it. Yay for fun sewing details!

  9. This is a really beautiful skirt (an entire outfit)! I love the colours :)

  10. Lovely lovely. I'm spending precious children sleeping time to peruse your blog, so you know it's important...

  11. What an amazing, coordinated outfit! What pattern did you use for the skirt?

  12. I love the skirt! The plaid matching is impeccable and the colours are just gorgeous! And the rest of your outfit is so perfect, its lovely! :)

  13. Plaid is one of those things I love- but find extremely difficult to sew since the pattern has to match up. Your skirt looks lovely, and the welt pockets were definitely worth it!

  14. Absolutely fantastic skirt - and outfit. The title of this post made me smile - I love the term "practically vintage". That describes a fair number of items in my closet, too.

    Wishing you and your family a beautiful Easter weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  15. Cute, as usual! I love your color combinations!


  16. Oh your outfit looks absolute delightful! And that plaid matching is making me grin from ear to ear!
    And you're making me want to go searching for 40s zippers now.

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

  17. I am so delighted to have discovered your blog, your style is so wonderful and your photography is dreamy! This is such a beautiful outfit and the way you have color coordinated it is fantastic :)

    Deco Darling

  18. The colour palette for this outfit is just dreamy! You really did justice to that vintage plaid fabric, I adore the welt pockets, and your shoes are the perfect touch!! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  19. I live this so much. I'm mad for plaid as a general rule, but these colors are especially terrific!

    I always pick up old metal zippers when I find them at my favorite thrift store! They are sooo nice. The quality is great, the colors are awesomely vintage & you can't accidentally melt them with the iron! 😉

  20. This outfit is simply lovely! I also really like the color pattern you choose. :D



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