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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

· A Gold Dot Party! ·

Kathryn and I have had this thing for gold dots lately.  You know, the kind that show up all over Pinterest and on everything from sheets to sheet cakes nowadays.

It had been going on for a little while when I came across my gold dotty fabric.  I needed a few excuses before I'd be ready to splurge on the fabric, so one of my "reasons" was that K and I would host a Gold Dot Party.  Well, the time and place was now!  My dress was long-since done, Kathryn's outfit was complete (did you notice how we had entirely circular reasoning going on here?  Yeah, we don't care), Christmas decor was drastically clearanced, and the social wasteland of the early portion of the year was upon us!

Gold Dot Party indeed.  We did our best to live up to the theme, albeit there were some aspects where we had to cut corners.  Oh well, nothing too glaring. ;-)

So here you go- a party all about gold and all about polka dots!  Enjoy!

I made over 180 feet of garland for the party out of 1,250 gold discs (go big or go home is my motto when it comes to these things!)- it was a fun project and I adore the way it turned out!  Now I'm just looking for ways to incorporate it into every party we have...

We compiled a Pinterest board of our favorite gold dot ideas, and dotted champagne flutes were on the "must do" list. ;-)  Due to my job, I wasn't able to help out with the majority of prep but Kathryn did a wonderful job on them!

The backdrop for the food table is entirely the handiwork of Tara, Kathryn, and Kristen- didn't it turn out smashingly??  Clearanced Christmas ornaments for the win!

And I have to mention here- major props to Tara for her help in all the prep for this party!  Without her diligent work taking care of details, our party would not have been nearly as successful!!  Thanks again, dear!

Kathryn's amazing calligraphy is always welcome. :-)  You should have seen her handiwork on the invitation envelopes!  Stunning!

Kathryn has this cute antique end table (that I always want to steal from her), but the top is rather beat up.  We covered it with gold dot wrapping paper (another Christmas clearance score!) and voila!  A properly theme-fitting area for decorating nails. ;-)

Artisan Bread - from this book (*highly recommended!*)

Pear, Goat Cheese, Candied Walnut, and Craisin Salad · Authentic Tuscan Risotto

Here's a little preview for you of Kathryn's gold dotty outfit.... now we just need to find a great photoshoot location for a full-fledged post!

My dear friend Marie Michelle was able to make it for the occasion, too! :-)

All in all, it was a great excuse for a delightful day spent with a delightful group of ladies!! :-)

(and it was also a great excuse for that fabric!)

· Photos by Kathryn ·


  1. I just died. Seriously, this is the cutest party ever!!!! All the decorations are so perfect!!! It looks like something straight out of a magazine. (Only better!)
    And a party was definitely a good excuse to get that fabric. :) Yours and Kathryn's outfits are perfection.
    Gorgeous, Lily! :) You have such good taste!!

  2. This is the coolest party ever! Totally stealing this!

  3. This all looks so beautiful! I'd love to see it all in silver too :) Em x

  4. You all look absolutely stunning in your vintage clothes! And what an amazing party setting! I love it <3

  5. You all did an amazing job on the decorations. I don't think I would have the stamina to complete all of those decorations. :) I love the look, but not the work. I like your "reasoning" for making certain clothes. I often use an event as an excuse to make something new. :)

  6. I just love this! Everything was done so beautifully, and you ladies really honed in on the details. Kathryn's calligraphy is beautiful, I can't BELIEVE you made that garland Lily: incredible. I just love the overall brightness & feminine sparkle that the party theme exuded. And gold dots are always a perfectly perfect excuse to have a party ;)

    So much prettiness for one post! :)


  7. I was seriously squeeling with delight when I saw these pictures...ahhh I LOVE GOLD DOTS!!! I am really wanting to steal all of your ideas and throw a Gold Dot party myself because I am soooo inspired. The creativity and attention to detail is at absolute perfection and your dresses are utterly to die for!!

  8. Oh what fun is this party theme! I want to live by you and be your friend so I can just hang out with you!! So much fun I am sure was had at this fling!! Well done!

  9. You outdid yourself! I cannot imagine what you mean by "cutting corners". Amazing! It looks like magic! How fabulous!

  10. What fun! I would love to attend one of your beautiful events. I'm sure all the guests had a marvelous time. Thanks for sharing pictures!


  11. Everything looks just so perfect! Wauw!

  12. What a fabulous party! I am amazed at that garland Lily! I could not have had the patience to do that. :P


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  13. Such amazing decorations! Such a gorgeous looking party <3 Katherine is such an amazing photographer as well. Two super talented women!

  14. It looks amazing, the party and the dresses!

  15. Oh my goodness. You girls... I tell ya... Yeah, I have no words. This is just fabulous! :D The whole party looks like the inside of a glass of being bubbly! ;)

  16. Thanks so much everyone!! The whole party was such a blast- from dreaming about it for months, to planning it all out, to doing all the prep, and finally- enjoying the party!

    I wish you all could have been there too- that would have been great fun! :-)



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