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Saturday, April 18, 2015

· More Shoes for Sale! ·

Hello, there! It's Kathryn, the girl behind most of the photographs on this blog and who occasionally shows up wearing some of Lily's fabulous creations. :-) I'm popping in today with the second installment in the "Shoes for Sale" series. I have a pair of dyeable white leather American Duchess "Astoria" Edwardian reproduction shoes for which I'd love to find a loving home! I could have posted this on my own blog, but Lily's readers are much more the sort to appreciate it!

These shoes are new; they have been tried on and walked on indoors only (the soles do look a tiny bit speckly on that account). They are size 8.5, and they are the earlier version that have leather covered buttons instead of the crystal buttons that come on them now. Comes with the original box (which has endured a little bit of smashing about the corners, but is quite functional :-).

Perfect for Edwardian, Titanic, Downton Abbey, etc. impressions! And if you don't like them white, you can dye them any color you want!

· EDITED - Sold! ·


  1. These are so lovely. If only I could make my feet shrink!

  2. So cute! Are these true to size? I usually buy my shoes in size 8 :(

    1. They do run a little small! They were snug on me. I am between an 8-8.5 depending on the shoe.

  3. Oh man if I had the $$, since you said that they run small and i'm a 7W/7.5



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