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Monday, August 11, 2014

· A Momentous Month! ·

Well, it is finally that time of year- my blog's first birthday!

I can't believe it's been almost an entire year since I did the (then) scariest thing in my life- hitting that "Publish Blog" button for the first time.  I might be exaggerating, then again- maybe not. ;-)

In some ways, it's amusing to think of me being so terrified by an inconspicuous little orange button- especially given my quick and warm welcome. :-)  But in other ways, it's still hard to realize that I do have a blog and that real people out in the world actually read it!  At times I almost feel like I forget that I have it.

I'm eager to see where God leads me through the blog in this next year- I never expected the numbers I've witnessed over the past 12 months, so I never anticipated being this pleased about both my own faithfulness, or your unabated interest. ;-)  In all honesty, I kind of planned on giving it a "go" for a while, and then abandoning it after a year of only 4 people reading.  So- Hooray!  I still have a blog to celebrate! ;-)

To all of my commenters, whether faithful or sporadic, every time I get a new comment I still get a thrill of excitement!!  Well, actually, that isn't true.  I've had an increase in spam lately that has been a deterrent to undiscriminating thrills.  So every time I get a non-spam comment, I'm thrilled. ;-D  I know it takes effort to write them, which makes them all the more meaningful. :-)  Thank you!

August has always been one of my favorite months since in our family, birthdays (including my own) abound in the first 2 weeks. :-)  The blog launch last year didn't intentionally coincide with all the festivities, but I think it's appropriate.  The more the merrier! ;-)

Once again, Thank You!! to all of my readers- even the silent ones. ;-)  Here's to the second year of Mode de Lis!

As a celebration of all that Momentous August has to celebrate, I'm offering a coupon code, BirthdaySale, for 20% off (everything except custom orders) in the shop for the next few days (through Friday, August 15th)!!

Happy shopping!


  1. Awww, Congratulations! I love how you started with big dreams ("I kind of planned on giving it a "go" for a while, and then abandoning it after a year of only 4 people reading."), and now your blog has gone further than you expected! That's wonderful!

    1. Yep, I definitely have my fair share (or more) of pessimism. ;-)

      Thankfully, I was proved wrong!

  2. Happy birthday to you and your blog!!! And I want to say that my heart jumps every time I see a new blog post of yours. I love seeing and reading about all of your beautiful projects! You are a constant inspiration to me.
    Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday!! :-)

  3. Lily, your blog is honestly one of my favorites for some good sewing inspiration, especially your 1930s posts. :) So glad you've kept blogging!

  4. Happy blog birthday!
    Our family has several August birthdays too. For us kids the order of the birthdays in the month come in the chronological order of our births . . .
    I think there is a way to have spam automatically filtered . . .

  5. Congratulations! And a happy birthday to you! May your blog continue to be a blessing to you and those around you.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  6. Happy (Blog) Birthday!

    I do enjoy Mode-de-Lis - the excellent photography, well written posts, and quality work . . . very nice!

  7. I have so enjoyed your blog over this past year. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent! : )


  8. Congratulations on your blog's first birthday!! I know exactly what you mean about the scary act of pressing the publish button for the first time! I felt the same way when I started blogging about 8 months ago! There was a definitely a panic moment for myself as well!

    Happy birthday to you and to your blog! I love reading your blog, seeing your pictures, and seeing what new dresses and hats you come up with! Looking forward to your second year of blogging! :D

  9. Thank you all so much!! I wouldn't be blogging without you all! :-)



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