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Thursday, July 31, 2014

· Justifying a New "Collection" ·

This project has been several months in the dreaming, with a bit of a false start this winter/spring, but I hope it is finally becoming a reality! :-)

As any seamstress knows, scrap fabric is a constant byproduct and without proper (and firm) maintenance, can easily become unwieldy!  We have always kept scraps of our currently-worn dresses in case of repairs or remodeling.  The problem recently was a case of deciding what to do with the major leftovers.  You know- those pesky pieces around a yard or less that are too big for "just repairs" but too small for most ideas.... And so the scrap bin grew...and hatched into this idea. ;-)

I love vintage children's patterns and would love a good excuse to start a collection/hoard/etc of them.  Since children of my own are at least a couple years down the road, the only excuse good enough is selling garments on Etsy.  So that will have to suffice. ;-)  I have consequently been diligently and oh-so-sacrificially building my stock of patterns and Pinterest ideas.  Truly, a difficult job- but someone has to do it, right?!

A trip out-of-state to visit a friend this month was the perfect opportunity to ensure the project's long-awaited commencement.  If all goes according to plan, I'm hoping to add a new item each week.

Hahahaha, yeah.  I know- I'm way too optimistic sometimes.  Try not to laugh too hard. ;-)

At whatever rate this project continues, I'm still looking forward to giving "new life" to some of these fabrics we've used over the years!  Here are the first four offerings. :-)

The pink floral is from a 1950s-inspired dress I made years ago and the coral fabric is from a blouse of mine.

Listing- here

This forget-me-not fabric was what my very first Regency dress was made from! :-)

Listing- here

The pink/black stripe is from my 1950s Ric Rac Dress and the pink linen/cotton is from a colonial dress of mine.

Listing- here

This brown polka dot is from one of my sister's more recent dresses.

Listing- here

Anyway, I'm pretty excited with the start so far and I'm pleased to finally have something to report!! :-)  Check out the shop here. (Also, we've been in a purging mood lately, so there will be a more historical/vintage clothing items up in the shop next week!)


  1. SO. ADORABLE!!! Honestly, they are so cute, I can't stand it. One day when I have children, I'm going to be a customer. That's a promise! I adore all of them, but the pink zigzag might be my favorite because I love your version of that dress.
    I am so excited for you!! :-)

  2. So darling! What an inspired idea to give scraps new life! Makes me wish I had kids to have an excuse to buy one! :-)

  3. Absolutely adorable! What a sweet idea using vintage patterns.


  4. AWWWW. I especially love the first one with the matching jacket! It's so cute! Looking forward to seeing more.


  5. EEEP!! Too much adorableness <3<3<3 I LOVE this collection! :D


  6. Great idea for the extra fabric! Lovely pieces!!! <3

  7. Oh my word! Such perfect little bursts of cuteness! Love it!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  8. What darling little dresses. This is a great idea for fabric leftovers. I need to keep this in mind.

  9. Very cute, and what a fantastic idea. Pretty dresses for your customers, and a win-win for you, too.

    I vote for a sailor suit or a sailor style dress! :)


  10. Thank you all! You're all such an encouragement! :-)



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