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Thursday, June 12, 2014

· New Items in the Shop! ·

The weather was finally cooperating with my schedule last week and we were able to take pictures of the rest of our clothing and costumes for sale!

I decided to organize the groupings into colors, so up in the shop this week we have Blues and Pinks!

Stop by and take a look! :-)

Retro-styled dresses, a Tangled costume, Titanic and Downton Abbey-suitable gowns, a brand-new 1930s-styled raincoat, and more!

More listings will be coming in the next few weeks, but get these while they last! :-)


  1. Everything is too beautiful!! I only wish they were my size...*sigh!*
    But I did get inspired to make a dirndl. :-)

  2. I first saw these on pinterest and had to go look at them in the shop. So beautiful! I really like the Titanic tea gown. Good job!



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