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Saturday, May 31, 2014

· Vintage Travel Party! ·

As promised- here are the "Vintage Travel" party pictures. :-)

It all started with the idea to throw a surprise/just-for-fun party for a friend.  That sounded like something right up my alley, so I quickly volunteered to help out with the planning and hosting.  During the planning, a mutual love for Pinterest was discovered, which is always a good discovery to make. ;-)

Since the other party planner was flying in from out-of-state, I was in charge of providing the decor.  After looking around the house for decor ideas, I remembered my ever-increasing stash of vintage suitcases- Perfect!  A quick search for decorating ideas, and I was totally inspired and ready! :-)

Every party needs bunting, and this party necessitated a map bunting. ;-)  I used an out-dated road map of Europe for the bunting which ended up being the perfect visual mix of land and sea.  Well, and it was pretty perfect to have EUROPE bunting!  The map provided enough paper for 2 buntings and tons of mini bunting, so now I have a great stash for other projects!

All of the decor (except the tissue paper pom poms) was either already owned or borrowed.  It was a fun experiment to see how many things we had that fit into the theme!

In keeping with the travel theme, the food was a variety of ethnic finger foods.

Each dish was labeled and had a mini flag from its country.  I was able to use this printable for most of the flags, and then I filled in with these.  They ended up being different sizes, but they looked fine once they were glued onto toothpicks. ;-)

Aaaannnnd, another picture of the Norwegian Smoked Salmon Canapes.  They just turned out so cute! ;-)
They were simple, too!  Sliced cucumbers, a cream cheese/dill spread, then smoked salmon strips arranged in a swirl, and finally- topped with a sprig of dill.

Really, the secret to cute food is just to have a nice garnish. ;-)

I took these pictures before all the food was out, so I don't have pictorial evidence of all the culinary masterpieces!  Our menu consisted of English Tea Sandwiches, Mexican Guacamole, Jamaican Coconut Shrimp, Japanese Sushi, Norwegian Smoked Salmon Canapes, Italian Caprese Skewers, Greek Hummus, with French Macarons and American Ice Cream for dessert. :-) 

The main food table- decorated with map bunting, vintage train cases, a cute map-printed tin that was my great-grandma's, atlases, and globes with a few of my vintage suitcases beneath.  Oh, and tissue paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling. :-)

I had a request for some pom pom tips, and I'm hoping to do a post about it in the next few weeks, once life calms down a bit.

(ha!) OK, how about "In the next few weeks, while life continues on in the now-normal pace." ;-)

The drinks and dessert station, complete with orange, red, and blue suitcases underneath. :-)  *sigh* I really love vintage luggage.

The 2 things I absolutely wanted for this party were tissue pom poms and stripey straws. :-)  These cute jars were leftovers from a friend's wedding and came complete with the straws!  Hooray!

I think layering cake plates is my new favorite way of displaying food. :-)

Two things learned from this party:
1- Parties like this are fun, and I need to do these more often!
2- I need to start a globe collection. ;-)


  1. Did you MAKE your pompoms??? If you did, please do share about them!!! Super cute decor for your party. Thanks for sharing more pictures!


    1. Thanks! :-) Yes, I did make them!

      I love your blog- so glad you commented! :-)

  2. Um, I loved working on this party with you! SO MUCH! And goodness, Lily, you are quite amazing at putting decorations together =)

    1. Thanks for your great idea to do the party! :-)

  3. Okay, I love this! Traveling, maps and globes, and all that jazz is something I've always loved and I think the way you used them to decorate was perfect. Job well done!

  4. Yes, you need to do these parties more often, and invite me. 'K?
    You have a definite talent for cute-ifying things.



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