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Saturday, February 15, 2014

· Introducing.....! ·

It's been quiet on the blog this week, and with very good reason:

After braving the perilous Waters of Indecision and Confusion (commonly referred to under the un-assuming title of "Etsy Policies and Listings"), I am pleased to finally introduce you to the source of all my agony. :-)

Today is the launch of my Etsy Shop!

Mode De Lis will be focusing on vintage-styled children's clothing for the time being, and I am so, SO very excited to create and share all the ideas I've got floating around!

Ducks · Kittens · Flannel Bonnet & Booties · Rosebud Bonnet & Booties
Vests · Newsboy Caps · English Driving Caps

My business plan is to use scraps and leftovers from our ever-plentiful supply to make new items each week.  Consequently, most of these listings will not be repeatable; so first-come, first-served!  The current offering is a small start, but I have lots of adorable vintage patterns and some of my favorite fabrics just waiting for their turn to be used!!

To make this a success, it's crucial that I receive feed-back from my customers and potential customers on what they'd like to see.  I can't make this a success without all of you, and I would eagerly welcome hearing your ideas!  I'm also open for custom work, so please drop me a line! :-)

Velveteen cape · Regency · Velvet 19-Teens · German Renaissance · Wool cape

On a related front, in order to make room for my current projects I need to pass on my older historical clothing. It's a bit bittersweet to say goodbye to many of my first projects, but I'm looking forward to seeing them receive a new life with someone else! :-)

I have several boxes of older costumes waiting to get listed, so check back for more listings over the next few months! :-)


  1. Those felt booties are so sweet! Best wishes on your new shop. :D

  2. Congratulations on opening your shop!! I'm excited for you! I love the baby dresses SO much! :-)

  3. Congratulations on opening an Etsy shop! You've much braver than I am. ;) Your listings are adorable; hope it goes well for you!

  4. YES! You go girl!! Looks amazing! Anyone in their right mind would buy your stuff. :-) I still can't believe you're parting with your German renaissance gown!

  5. Congratulations!!! I hope you do very well with your shop!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  6. Congratulations!!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing all that you create. Wishing you lots and lots of luck in this newest venture! :-)

  7. Wishing you wonderful blessing in your new adventure!! Congratulations!


  8. I'm so excited!! I have a 9 month old son and I am always looking for cute vintage type clothes for him! I'm sure I'll be buying some items for him. :) Congratulations on the new shop! So many pretty things!

  9. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!! The kids stuff is just too cute!! If I have little boys, they will be wearing cute vests and hats. :)



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