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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Pretties · Dress Clips

For Christmas this year, one of my very favorite gifts were 2 pairs of antique dress clips!  I've been admiring dress clips for a few years, but we don't come across them frequently when we are antiquing.  They are a great start to what I expect will be a growing collection! ;-)

These marcasite dress clips are prettily understated, and I can't wait to try them out! :-)

I was so thrilled to get this Coro Duette set!  It is a 3-in-1 combo- all pieces can be attached together, and worn as a brooch....

....Or worn separately as a brooch and dress clips!  Such a clever design.  Why don't they make jewelry like this anymore??  I really love the Art Deco vibe on this one, and I'm seeing the need for a fabulous 30s dress to go with it!

The most expected way to wear dress clips is in the corners of a square or sweetheart neckline, but I did a little searching around for some other vintage ideas on showcasing them.  Here are a few of my favorites!

This collage has several different ideas for utilizing one or both of the dress clips.

I liked this unique idea for placing them on a lapel!  My pinterest board has more ideas I liked. 

Of course, after looking at all these ideas, I think this calls for a new dress... ;-)


  1. What an awesome gift! That 3-in-1 brooch is awesome!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Oh how fun are all of our new clips! Isn't it fun to receive gifts that you know you will use with great enthusiasm? Can't wait to see how you use these!

  3. Those are SO pretty! And yes, a new dress is definitely in order! :)

  4. I don't if I have ever seen these before, of course I don't go thrifting very frequently...
    I have wondered how to make them though, since I would love to use jewelry and homemade silk flowers on my shoes.

    1. If you're looking to make your own shoe clips, you can get hardware for the bases from American Duchess- :-)

      I've been thinking about making shoe clips, too! ;-)

  5. This is just more fodder for your perfectness. Stop it.

  6. I will look into that. I really want their new boot they previewed, the "Renoir"
    I don't like their regency choice though. I want to start my step into historical sewing with the regency (since I regularly attend the Jane Austen festival in my area). Do you have other sites for authentic shoes and what are the best authentic choices for patterns for all the parts of a lady's outfit in the regency era (I don't really want Sense and Sensibility or anything like that, but something more like Past Patterns, they don't have much in the regency category, who pull their patterns from really garments).

    1. The Jane Austen festival sounds like fun!

      I do like Past Pattern's 1820-40 stay pattern a lot! I had good success with that one, so I haven't looked around at other options for stays very much. As far as dresses- Period Impressions has some, but I have found their patterns to be frustrating. I would recommend getting Patterns of Fashion 1 by Janet Arnold and Period Costume for Stage and Screen 1800-1909 by Jean Hunnisett. Both are great and have scaled, gridded patterns to size up. The downside is that they only come in one size, so you'll have to draft it to your size.

      Good luck in your regency costuming! :-)

  7. these are incredible! last summer I found a similar clip at a fleamarket race, but I thought it was for the hair sth like that. Now I know what it's for. They were so clever back in the days! and I have got to say I love your hairstyle! that's exactly how I would like mine to be, except I've got bangs fot the moment.. and I adore your blog, style and sewing. Itäs all quite incredible! I'll definately start following you :D

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! :-) I'm glad you stopped by!



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