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Saturday, November 16, 2013

In Lieu of Completed Projects...

Well, this certainly isn't going to be one of the fabulous, beautiful, witty blog posts I attempt to entertain you with.  My pretty, pretty picture post compliation has run out, I have no new completed projects to impress you with, and it's just plain old me this week. :-)

We returned from our trip to Williamsburg this week.  The riding habit class was just as informative, interesting, and inspiring as I was expecting!  We learned about the evolution of riding habit styles, the difference in accessories over the decades (and dependent on location), and construction techniques.  I was so pleased to be "fitting buddies" with Rebecca and Ashley (you can see read a fabulous overview at their blog!), and I currently have the beginnings of a riding habit. :-)  I have decided that making a habit shirt, while decidedly a less glamorous project, looks to be a wise next move so that I can assure a correct fit over the added layer before I finish up the habit itself.

I've got lots on my plate right now, and even more plans on the horizon!  This blog has been a great way to motivate me to keep pushing myself further and keep finishing up my current projects. :-)  Currently on the docket, I've got a Regency tailcoat for a customer in the works, a riding habit started, a summer dress which sadly will not see any practical use for another seven months yet never-the-less needs to be finished up, a 19-teens corset for Kathryn, and an antique store coat that needs minor re-fashioning.  My list of ideal projects for the rest of the year is far too extensive to list in a coherent and intelligible manner, however. ;-)

My ambitions are threatening to exceed my reality, which is a big part of the reason this post is picture-less.  Something quick and easy to let you know I'm still around, but that still lets me concentrate on the tasks at hand. :-)

I can't wait to share all my latest projects with you, and I'm hoping to re-plenish my stock of pretty pictures of my wardrobe soon. (as you might suspect, that's code for- I'm Hoping to Go Play with Kathryn Sometime Soon. ;-) )

Until then!


  1. Can't wait to see your riding habit and other works in progress!

  2. I'm interested in seeing the Regency tailcoat... the vest is coming along over here - slowly! Time for a collar to get put together...
    -Mrs. B

  3. Hello Lily!

    I love both your blog and A Lass of Yesteryear! I'm just starting out into historical costuming (Almost finished with my first handmade 1776 outfit!) because I live overseas, so it isn't easy. You ladies inspire me so much!

    Keep up the good work and God bless!




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