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Saturday, March 10, 2018

· Checking It Off The List ·

I am SO excited about sharing this dress!  Check out this fabric- isn't it the most adorable ever??  What's not to love about a dress covered in checklists, right? The moment I saw this fabric line (Five and Dime) from Penny Rose fabrics, I knew I had to jump on the chance to make a work dress out of this ever-so-motivating print.  I mean, with a dress full of checkboxes and checkmarks, how can you not stay motivated all day long??  Coincidentally, my job just so happens to involve using lots of checkmarks as well, so it really couldn't be more appropriate!

I found the pattern for this dress at an antique mall somewhere along the line and it seemed like a great fit for this fabric- streamlined, but with a few details to set it apart. I can never keep things simple, so I took the opportunity to highlight the details with a narrow piping.

It also pairs rather nicely with my vintage black wool sweater, so it works for cooler weather too!

I was a little hesitant to use a cotton print for a sheath dress, but I wear a linen slip under it and I've never had any complaints about the way it behaves- yay! Penny Rose is also a nice-quality fabric, so I can rest assured that the dress will wear well and remain professional-looking for a long time.  Penny Rose very generously gifted me the fabric and I'm so grateful!  All opinions are still my own. :-) 

The dress buttons all the way up the side of the dress and that was one of my favorite elements of the design!  I'm so glad I ended up finding these buttons that can do such justice to the idea!

While I was in the production process of this dress, I visited a friend down in Dallas and we stopped by Dallas Button Supply in the warehouse district. Thousands of buttons! SO. MANY. BUTTONS.  I was glad I had very definite parameters because otherwise I never would have decided.....  I ended up with exactly what I was hoping for AND at wholesale prices!

One of my perennial favorite colors is green, but it's a rather uncommon color for fabrics. I had to jump on the chance to add a completely green dress to my wardrobe!

This dress checks every box for me (pun not intended)  (wait, who are we kidding? that pun was totally intended.) - it's appropriately quirky, vintage, and green!  Hard to get much better than that!

I finally, finally, finally took the plunge and ordered my own pair of Marilyns from Royal Vintage!  A perk of having an office job is that I now have an excuse for wearing cute heels 5 days a week and consequently.... I can justify buying more pairs! The shape of the Marilyns is a flattering, classic style that works well from the 1940s into the 1950s and since they come without extra embellishment they were the perfect candidate for these fabulous vintage shoe clips that I got for my birthday!  I love them so much and they add such a fun detail!

(link contains an affiliate code- which gives a little boost to my shoe fund! thanks!)

The final detail to this dress is the asymmetrical pocket. Between the cute pocket flap and the pointed collar, I knew I'd need to accent them so they didn't get lost in the printed fabric, and the narrow piping was just the trick!

· Photos, as ever, by the inimitable Kathryn! ·


  1. How cute!!!! You can't really tell that they are check boxes until you look up close, I love the idea!


  2. Love this outfit!! So charming! Can you tell me more about the linen slip? I would hesitate to use a cotton print for a close-cut dress because I would be concerned about it riding up and sticking to my nylons but it sounds like you layer it over a linen slip since the fabric is thin? Maybe I should consider a rayon lining hmmm...

  3. Aw, you posted again!!!! SO glad to see you back again! :)

    That dress is adorable and looks amazing on you! I love the green color.

  4. Such a cute dress! The whole outfit, actually. I don't think I've commented before, but it's great to see you back on your blog.


  5. It is so good to hear from you again and I love this outfit!

    Do you wear vintage outfits to the office?

  6. I was so excited to see that you had a new post! Your dress is super cute and the narrow piping was a wonderful idea. My parents used to live in Dallas; I wish I had known about Dallas Button Supply when they were there. It sounds like my kind of place! :)

  7. That is such a cute fabric! And the dress is amazing! I've been wanting to buy a pair of Royal Vintage, so if I do, I'll be sure to use your link. :) It's so good to see another post from you again!
    ~ Megan Joy

  8. You make the most wonderful dresses! Super adorable! I love the print and all the buttons! :)

  9. So many beautiful details! The narrow piping is a perfect addition to this gorgeous dress.

  10. What a beautiful look! I love the color and print of that fabric, and your choice to accent the little details with the black piping really helps them stand out. You look absolutely lovely, and ready for spring!

  11. SO happy to see you back, you’re my favourite blogger and I was worried I’d never see you again! That dress is to die for. You really inspire my love of piping and I found I have a whole box of it now.. it really was the perfect accompaniment to that print.

  12. Gorgeous outfit! I love the contrast between the light green and black, the buttons are fabulous too.

  13. That dress is gorgeous. I love those shoes, especially the name.

  14. Sew much to love about this dress! Yes the print is fab - the fold back pocket flaps, piping and buttons are the perfect touches. Love the styling with black beads, shoes and cardigan ;o)

  15. The only thing better than an actual checklist is a checklist dress...

  16. Woowwwww, this is a gorgeous outfit!!!! The green is such a good color on you, and the style is super cute! That collar is one of my favorite types of collars, for sure. And Marilyns!!!!!! They are the best, aren't they?! Mine are so comfy, I don't know how I got along without them before.
    So nice to see a post from you! :)

  17. That is so pretty! And that green looks absolutely gorgeous on you!!
    Rachel Castle

  18. This is the cuuutest fabric and I love all of the finishing touches in the dress! The piping and buttons are so perfect!



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